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29-01-1999 Some modification does not work.!! English language
30-01-1999 VX-5R Expanded frequency English language
09-10-1999 PC software MARS/CAP or FREEBAND mods. English language
05-10-2000 Expanded range for VX5R. English language
10-02-2001 TX frequency expansion English language
22-03-2001 Use Nokia 7110 Belt Clip for an VX-5R English language
27-03-2001 VX 5 R modification for German English language
11-05-2001 Vx-5r Free Band English language
14-06-2001 VX-5R Loose antenna "cure" English language
18-06-2001 VX-5R expanded frequency mod English language

Some modification does not work.!!
Author: -

Some has reportet to that the following modification frm YAESU VX-5R maybe NOT WORK with NEW radios:

"VX-5R Expanded frequency"
"PC software MARS/CAP or FREEBAND mods."
"Expanded range for VX5R."

It looks like Yaesu has change in the radio, so they not can be modify by the above modification.

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VX-5R Expanded frequency

Remove the battery pack, beneath where the pack was, is a black cover (heavy duty paper) it's just stuck and is removable to install the optional barometer/temperature module.

Remove this and you'll see 8 solder pads, for some reason some have 3 pads bridged, in my case there were 4 bridged. In either case unsolder the 5th pad counting right to left. Do a full reset, tha's it HT is now open.

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PC software MARS/CAP or FREEBAND mods.

You can do mods with EVE-software. It possible modifying MARS/CAP or FREEBAND (full tx )This modification don't needs soldering. This modification doing virtual jumpers, and you can reset the radio and you can get factory settings. The current version of EVE is 1.70. You can download EVE here "73s Tommi OH2JXV

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Expanded range for VX5R.

Expanded range
RX 137 - 174 MHz
TX 140 - 174 MHz
TX 420 - 470 MHz
  1. Remove Battery and Antenna .

  2. Remove the cover for Pressure Sensing Unit (SU-1). See Owner Manual

  3. Remove the SU-1 Option board (if installed)

  4. Locate solder pads on lower left side.

  5. Remove solder from the fourth pad from the left (JP5)

  6. Reassemble the radio

  7. Reset the microprocessor. (Press and hold [ MR ] & [ VFO] & [4 ] and turn on the radio.

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TX frequency expansion
Author: Phil Bergan -

Recently purchased a VX-5R.

Looking at the other mods on the internet for this rig, if you find the 8 solder pads behind the barometer lid; unsolder the middle two that appear to be shorted.

Then reset the microprocessor. Check your owner's manual for reset procedure.

Mod complete.
Excellent coverage!

TX 108-221.950 MHz & 303-580 MHz.

To perform a full reset by holding [MR] ; [VF0 ; [4] at the same time.

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Use Nokia 7110 Belt Clip for an VX-5R
Author: Oki Jamhur Warnaen -

This is Very Easy, just use Handphone BeltClip with a litle modification you can Use it for Yaesu Vx-5R (I used Belt clip for Nokia 7110).

Here is the picture show you how to do it

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VX 5 R modification for German
Author: Thomas Dann -

Mod for the German Version to use the 6m Band

  1. Remove Battery and the cover for Pressure Sensing Unit ( SU - 1 )

  2. Locate solder pads on lower side

  3. Remove solder from the 6th pad and the 8th pad ( counting left to right )

  4. Now soldering the 7th pad

  5. Reasemble the radio and reset the microprocessor

Mod complete

Viel Spass !!!

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Vx-5r Free Band
Author: Humberto Gonzalez -

Mod for the new generationīs of Vx-5r serial no. 0E280926
  1. I locate solder pads on lower side

  2. My Vx-5 have solder the 4th and the 5th pad

  3. I remove solder from the 5th pad

  4. I reset my radio.

Now my Vx-5 is free band tx-rx

73īs CE3SUR, Humberto Gonzalez

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VX-5R Loose antenna "cure"
Author: Glenn -

My VX-5R like many others had a chronic loose antenna.

I bought a male smc connector with a 6 point nut for 3.00 at a hamfest and replaced the old spanner type nut with the 6 point. I also used the small washer that came with the new connector under the nut. Using a 8mm - 6 point Craftsman thinwall socket and a firm but gentle twist is all it takes to snug the nut down.

It has been over 2 months and several antenna swaps and the connecor is still tight.

This simple and cheap mod has made the radio much more enjoyable and no more worry about blowing the finals.

One final note: The socket needs to be a quality 6 point thin-wall. The Craftsman 12 point and even their 6 point nut driver would not drop into the antenna recess. I imagine any higher quality 6 point socket should work just fine.

Good luck and 73
Glenn Cerny KB9WCM

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VX-5R expanded frequency mod
Author: Kirk Ellis KI4RK

After performing the reset on a VX5-R (pressing [VFO] + [MR] + [4] + [PWR], the radio only receives and transmits in the 6M, 2M and 79cm hambands, try this to restore full coverage:

Press [BAND] + [HM/RV] + [TX PO} and [PWR] simultaneously.

I had to do this to restore all 11 bands and enable out of band Transmit after performing the VX-5R expanded frequency mod.

Kirk Ellis KI4RK

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