Modifications for the Standard C-5900

19-07-1998 Mod the Standard C5900DA TriBand Radio English language

Mod the Standard C5900DA TriBand Radio

For those of you who have been asking, here is the modification for the new Standard C5900DA TriBand Radio.
This modification is only for those who are a active member of a MARS organization or Civil Air Patrol. To have this mod, you must serve in some type of communication capacity in the respected organization.
  1. With the radio facing you, remove the top cover of the radio.

  2. Near the front center of the radio, you will approx. observe 5 items in a row.

  3. These are surface mount type capacitors and resistors, you will need to remove RL99.

  4. RL99 is not labeled on the PC board, so you will have to estiminate which capacitor is it by the below diagram.
           TOP BOARD
          cap  empty  res  res  res   cap   cap
           *     *     *    *    *    **    **
           *     *     *    *    *    **    **          Box
           *     *     *    *    *   CL37  CL43        ******
           *     *     *    *    *                     *    *
           *     *     *    *    *                     ******
         CL93   PAO   RL99 RL97 RL98
  5. Remove RL99. It will be right next to the empty slot. Use a very fine tip iron at low heat. A small toothpick and solder wick aids in removing the resistor.

  6. Do a hard reset of the radio.

The radio will now transmit 40-80, 100-180, 345-495 Mhz.

73's de

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