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19-07-1998 Speed-up the ALC for IC-736 English language
19-07-1998 Icom IC-736 DDS/VCO Bug/Fix English language (2 Kbytes)
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Speed-up the ALC for IC-736

Jun 1995

Hallo, my name is Claus and the QTH is in Rastatt nr Baden-Baden South-West Germany. I got a IC 736 in December 1994. It is a good rig but had also a lot of misstate. After a time of measuring and testing I found the ALC for transmitting is to slow. So I jacked the circuit why is so. I found a C-R delay in the way from the ALC on the Main Unit. It is the C287(1uF) and the R305(150Ohm). The C change or put out is not very easy. So I change the Resistor 305 in to smaller one. But the result was not better. The best result I had without it! So the C-R combination is not in the work for the ALC. The Resistor 305 is very small but it is easy to put out. On the Resistor is the number 151 printed (150Ohm) but you mast find it on the circuit.

To be wide TX you mast only cut the Diode D15 on the Logic Unit.

The IC 736 works very well at the last half year so I send it out in the PR-news now.

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